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Monday, 4 April 2011

Handmade Monday...#10

Good morning all its time for Handmade Monday #10. 
So whats been happening this week.? 
Well apart from having a lovely lazy day, with flowers, and cards from my two lovely angels and breakfast made for me by my gorgeous hubby, then spending the afternoon chatting and sharing a nice bottle of red with mum, I spent the beginning of last week getting some DT cards made ready for the coming week. A couple have already been posted on blog, but some are for later this week, so I cant put them in this post. I also had a few commission cards to make, once I had completed them I set about preparing for a craft fair yesterday.
I managed to get a few more painted gifts made.

Various coasters

A butterfly and wild rose candle.

A butterfly and wild rose notebook.

I'm very pleased to say that I sold nearly all these and all the poppy and previously painted things on Saturday and had one of my best craft fairs.
I even had to paint a poppy candle first thing yesterday morning to give to my mum as part of her mothers day gifts, as all the others were sold on Saturday.
Over the coming weeks I'll be out buying more candles,  mirrors and coasters and start to rebuild my stock ready for the next craft fair, which is in a few weeks so theres plenty of time. Thats good news really as the children are off school for 2 weeks, which usually means I dont get much time to craft.
Thats it from me today, why not pop over to 1st Unique Gifts and see what everyone else has been up to.
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  1. Well done Sue.. so glad you had a great time at the craft fair.When you have good sales it makes all the prep worth while.
    Luv CHRISSYxx

  2. Like your coasters. It's good that you have had such a response to your craft. I have been reading where others have not sold so well especially their jewellery.

  3. Your butterflies are amazing..I love them :D

  4. I agree with Loody, the flutterby's are great, love the pink it is so vivid.

    Jan x

  5. So pleased that you had such a good fair - your items are beautiful so I am not surprised they sold well.

    I love your candles!

    Ali x

  6. Sounds like your going to be staying up late at night to catch up on stock if the kids are off school for 2 weeks. The note book and candle are lovely and I love the painted poppies.
    Happy Monday
    Rebecca x

  7. Well done on the craft fair sales - love the butterlies!

    Thanks for taking part in HM x

  8. I love butterflies and am not surprised they sold well, beautiful.

  9. I am not surprised your work sold so well. It is lovely. My favourite has to be the poppies....they are my favourite flowers and my Nana's name was Poppy! x

  10. Ooh the notebook is a particular favourite this week :)

  11. Nice to read that someone has had a good time selling at a Craft Fair for a change.
    I can never choose between your work as all of it looks so nicely made.

  12. Wow, those coasters are just amazing! When I first scrolled down, I thought the flowers were photographs! Wonderful work.

  13. Beautiful creations Sue, well done at the craft fair. :o)

    Donna x


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