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Friday, 31 May 2013

Lets have a Catch-up

The sun is shining in the sky, there ain't a cloud in sight..... Bet that's got you all singing, I know I am.
Good day to everyone, I hope you are all keeping well. Thought its about  time we had a good ole catch up. Go and get yourself a cuppa and lets chat. Be warned this is quite a long post, feel free to skim it or just look a the pics, I wont be offended.
There are a number of reasons that I've not posted for a while, the main being I've gone back to work, I mean a proper full time job, not just doing my craft fairs. I'm now a deputy manager/senior nursery nurse at a lovely little pre- school not far from home. It feels great to be working with children again and they're even younger this time, they really lift the spirits and make me feel young again. I can dance around and sing like a 'gud un' and they love it and when a little child comes over and grabs my hand saying "Come and play Sue"  well my heart just melts. Can you tell that I Love my job.
Earlier this year me and a co worker did a reverse bungee in aid of Christie's cancer charity. After losing my brother just over 12 months ago to this horrible disease, I try and fund raise as much as possible. We were thrilled to raise over £200 and had a brilliant experience in the process.
Ok ! here goes, its our turn next.

5,4,3,2,1, blast off

Aaaarrrrrgh!! Oh look you can see my house from here!

No one warned us that it spun round as well as catapulting us into space.
Oh dear bet I look a lovely shade of green.

Ready to come back down to terra firma.

Well apart from looking a bit windswept, we don't look too bad.
Infact can we go again? that was great fun. 
I am still doing regular craft fairs and that's probably another reason for not blogging, not through lack of time just that I hadn't really got anything new or different to show you.
Here's a couple of photos of my craft stall at various venues. 
Walton gardens in Warrington
Created in WA - Mothers Day craft fair held in Warrington's indoor market.
Other side of stall at Mothers Day fair
 Over the past couple of months I have started to play with different craft mediums and I'm adding new things to my craft stall
An old favourite of mine.
Large framed mirror hand painted with wild
 flowers and a butterfly using matt acrylic paint.

A new twist.
Large framed mirror hand painted with fantasy florals
using special irridescent paint and over laid with acetate flowers



Wall hangings and hanging heart baskets.
The heart baskets contain 4 scented tealights.
 People kept asking me for scented candles, but I don't like to paint on scented candles as the scented oil can affect the paint and after a while the design can look a mess.
The wall hangings are painted using an assortment of mediums, Distress inks, Luminarte range of twinkling H2O's, sprays, daubers, pourables and various acrylic paints, along with Sheena Douglass' range of stamps and various background techniques. 

Vases painted with a fab new paint called Fantasy Prisme and Fantasy Moon by Pebeo.

These coasters and panel are created using the Fantasy paints again, along with rubber stamps by Sheena.
These are great sellers as the effect created by the paint is wonderful and very unusual.

Lastly, ... I hear you sigh with relief, if you've stuck with me so far, Thank you, now give yourself a pat on the back, we're nearly at the end.
I'd like to show you a couple of custom orders, not my usual style, but fun to make.

A birthday card for a Doctor Who fan.

The verse inside
"Fezzes are red,
the Tardis is blue,
Bowties are cool,
Happy 18th Birthday
to you."

A Princess Castle nappy cake.
This was a present for my friend at work who has just had a baby girl, a few weeks earlier than planned,
 but beautiful and perfect and oh so cute.
Welcome to the world 'Matilda'.
There you have it, that's what I've been up to lately. A quick review of the last few months, ok,ok, a not so quick review.
Anyhoo whats new with you?.....


sari said...

Hi sweet Sue!! So good to "hear" from you!! Ooooh, you have been busy!! *lol* Thanks for the amazing post!! Love all your are such a talented woman!! What a lovely thing of you to do, raise money for such a good cause, and looked like you had a blast doing it!!! *lol* Have a wonderful weekend! Hugs and sunshine

Fiona C said...

A great post and lovely to hear more of what is happening in your world - congrats on the job and delighted to see the stall goes from strength to strength! xx

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