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Friday, 3 June 2011

Welcome to my new addition

Say hello to my new little ball of fluff. We have named her Kira, she is a 7 week old German Shepherd. We picked her up yesterday and she is settling in nicely. Isnt she just adorable?
Investigating her new garden

Snuggling up with her teddy.

Ok mum, I'm ready for my close up!

As you can guess I've got a couple of sleepless nights in store, probably not much crafting time either.
I dont mind in the slightest, I've been talking my hubby round to the idea of getting a puppy for the past 12 months, and I finally got just what I wanted. 


Chrissy said...

As we do we the long run we always get our in our nature to fight for our babies, and this one is adorable. I dont know, and never knew anything about dogs, but I found one 6 years ago, and he loved me...he picked I bought him home, and my husband [now passed] said, "you will be sorry, he's going to be a big dog"
Well, when he was 3 months old he was the size of a shetland pony..just about. He's a very big boy, but I would not be without him..

sandiblu said...

Kira is adorable Sue. Look after her and she will be the best friend you ever had !!

Hugs, Sandra xx

ike said...

Ooooooooh - she's sooo adorable. Can't think about the sleepless nights, chewed shoes, puddles etc though LoL
Ike xx

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