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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Something new...

Hi there everyone, today, as promised, I'd like to share something different.
I made these candles as a gift for my mum and dad.

This first one has a picture of our old dog Cassie taken at a place called Castle Hill which is a lovely bit of countryside just at the back of my mum and dads house, where we used to frequently walk her.
Isn't she a beauty?

The second is made with a photo of  Opal one of my mum's cats, who also is no longer with us.

This photo was taken in mum's back garden and Opal is posing in front of a beautiful tulip border.
I have loads of gorgeous pics of Opal, but this is one of my favourites, its so bright. 
Unfortunately my best printer is not working and I had to print using another one and the colours don't print out so vibrantly, and then look even more faded once applied on to the candles.

I also made a couple of teddy candles, and sold them at the craft fair last week end.

Thanks for looking
Hugs Sue x



jeanette said...

These candles are beautiful especially the german shepherd. Please pop over to my blog where there is an award waiting for you. xx

Jam Dalory said...

These are brilliant, when I was a little girl we had a german shepherd who passed away when I was about 12, its amazing how much of an impact pets can have on us! Loving the teddy candles too. x

Elaine said...

Gorgeous candles Sue Hugs Elaine

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