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Thursday, 5 June 2008

The Craftroom Transformation Challenge - Day 10/11

Yesterday did the finishing touches to the revamped furniture and secured all the shelves in place. Next job set up hubby's computer desk and reconnect everything for him, unfortunately I have to share the spare room. Got my modem, broadband and telephone reconnected so I'm back online again. I'm really pleased with how the rooms looking and today I have started to put my craft stuff back in. Still need to sort out, label and decide where to put everything, but I think I'll just put stuff in and then once I start crafting again I can figure out if its handy to use and I'll jiggle things about a bit. Can't believe its taken so long to do such a small room, but on the plus side, I've found stash I'd forgotten all about and hopefully it will inspire me knowing where everything is and having it all close to hand.

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