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Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Fairytale bedroom is no more...

The time finally came when my daughter decided she was too old for her fairytale bedroom. Oh no!! I couldn't bear to paint over all my lovely art, so we compromised and I just wallpapered over it instead. No one can see it anymore, but I know its still under there.

 From this ... fairytale

to this. 
Parisian chic in silver and grey.
 It's finished now with new bedding, furniture and curtains, but I haven't got a picture.

It looked lovely and definately more suitable for a young teenager, unfortunately it doesn't look very chic now she's lived in it for a week or two. Anyone with teenagers will know, there's clothes and make up all over the place.
 I'm going to go and do a bit more painting, but not decorating. I've got a few smaller projects on the go, like these fairy doors and toadstool houses.

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