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Monday, 23 April 2012

Handmade Monday #63

Good morning, I cant believe that Monday has come round again, already, I dont know where the last week has gone.
But that means its time for Handmade Monday 63, if you are unfamiliar with this weekly link party, then just pop over to Wendy's 1st Unique Gifts Blog and read all about it and then you too can join in.
So what have I been up to this week?
Well I've been mad busy, but not all of it craft related.
Every thing seems to have broken this week, car, computer, sons mobile phone, speaker system, printer, scanner, so I have been rushing round, trying to get them fixed or dropping them off or picking them up, or buying new, only to get them home and find another fault, and have to take them back again.
My car actually went in for its MOT 4 weeks ago and a faulty valve was found, not bad I hear you say, only this particular part cannot be found anywhere in this country. As its an imported car, the Mitsubishi dealer has to order it from abroad and I was told it would take upto 2 weeks to get here, not only that but it is the most expensive valve I have ever heard of, think it must be made of gold or something, a whopping £460 + vat. Nearly a month later and I still have no car. I have been using my hubby's car to run round in, luckily he works nights so I have the car in the day.
Anyway rant over, back to my crafty news. I did a Vintage fair on Saturday, it was the first one by these new organisers and I had a lovely day, sold plenty and saw lots of familiar faces, so had a good catch up also.
Here's some pics of this weeks makes

 I've just noticed over on Wendy blog that shes booked in for the weekend event at Kenyon Hall Farm, I've just booked in for this one, so I'll see you there.
If anyone wants to know which craft events I'll be attending, you can check out my Events page. I try to update it regularly, so please keep checking back, it would be great to see you.  
Hugs Sue x


  1. I love the butterfly hearts, beautiful designs

  2. Lovely makes! - but how exciting to meet a fellow blogger at a craft fair. I love it when that happens! You must be quite local to me then, I live about 5 mins away from Kenyon Hall Farm. See you then! x

  3. beautiful makes!
    I love the cracked paint effect on the hearts, how do you achieve that??!!

  4. your heart magnets are fab - so pretty!

  5. I love the heart magnets and the tissue box holder is fab - does it refill when it is empty? :)

  6. Just wanted to let you know I've sent you an email - just in case it's ended up in your junkmail box x

  7. Just fate that when one thing goes they all do! Sorry to hear about the car too - hope it isn't too long now before you get the part. The hearts are really sweet. Have a better week! Mich x

  8. That must be a solid gold valve! Of course I always hate getting cars fixed, you always think, better to fix or get a new one? Of course we always fix...we drive ours until they die. Hope yours is better soon.
    Love the tissue box. I keep thinking I need one of those. That one is beautiful.

  9. I love your painting, your flowers look so 'touchable', as if you can stroke them and they will be really soft.
    Hope things go well with the car, gone are the days when people used to 'tinker' at the week ends on the driveway, they are far too complicated now, everything has to go through a dealer.

    Jan x

  10. Oh I hope everything gets fixed soon and that the 'special' valve is worth it ;) I love the tissue box holder :) Have a lovely week xx

  11. Gosh - will they gold plate the car as well!!!! Can't believe how expensive the valve is, but I hope your car is fixed soon. The hearts are so lovely. Have a good week-end.
    Jo x



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