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Sunday, 21 November 2010

Another wall painting

I have painted a banner with my daughters name on, carried by bluebirds. It will be above her bed once I get the furniture back in place. 

I started by drawing a rough sketch, you can just about see it.
I painted it pink to match the castle. I mixed up 5 shades to get the shadow and highlight effects.

Next I painted some cute little bluebirds,

and then some ribbons.

Finally I painted in her name. As you can see I'm not very good at lettering, good thing there's only 3 letters

Here's the finished banner.
I decided to paint some birds. You can see in this pic the eraser marks behind the castle where I was going to paint a rainbow but changed my mind. I will have to paint over it with blue again.
I painted some birds,

 flowers and insects.

These low down ones will be hidden by Mia's bed, but as its a cabin bed she plays under it, so these will be a little surprize for her to find.

The result so far, not sure what to paint on the other walls yet.

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Kermin Middleton said...

Nice. My daughter recently asked for a castle on her wall. It's already a princess room with heavy detail. I'll see! Thx 4 sharing.

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